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At Cyberlynx International College, our belief is that everyone should have the opportunity to further their studies and obtain much sought after qualifications. Our focus is to make it financially viable for students to study here as all of our courses are taught with same distinctive quality and commitment.


With all of these opportunities, and more that are available here at Cyberlynx, you will become the person you strive to be.

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Reasonable Course fees and Tuition fees

Scholarships up to 100% for eligible students.

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By the Ministry of Education and Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

Guaranteed graduate employability

Offers students an opportunity to realize their dream careers.

Variety of learning methods

Students will not only learn from high profile academicians, but also from seminars, football coaching clinics, camps and workshops.

Trusted education institution

Trusted brand In sports studies, management and fashion. Pathway to reputable United Kingdom , Australia , New Zealand and United States Of America Universities.

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Diploma in Football Studies

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Diploma in Football Studies


In Malaysia, there is a growing need to increase football professionalism. This has created an increase in the demand for qualified football management professionals to help bring Malaysian football international.

Cyberlynx International College’s , Diploma in Football Studies is structured to create more football management professionals to meet the above mentioned demands. We create individuals who are not only knowledgeable but also skilled in management of football as an industry.

Cyberlynx International College is the first and only college in Malaysia and Southeast Asia that offers this niche football programme.

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