Our Language Centre is well-known for its English Language Courses. We offer a wide-range of courses for all levels of students. Our programs range from Academic English to Practical Conversation to Study Tours. Our teachers are well experienced and able to ensure that students receive only the best teaching-learning experience. We have students from all over the world such as Africa, China, France, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. We have equipped our students with four linguistic skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking which assists them in the studies as well as careers.

Courses Offered

  • Cyberlynx Academic English (CAE)
  • Intensive English (IE)
  • IELTS Preparatory (IP)
  • Business English (BE)
  • Practical Conversation (PC)
  • Study Tours (ST)
Cultural Activities & Excursions

Experience has taught us that excursions, cultural visits and outdoor activities are a very important part of the learning process. It also further enhances students' understanding of our rich and varied culture. With this in mind, visits and excursions are organized and students are exposed to arts, culture, history, etc. Most of these visits and excursions are free of charge and scheduled in the afternoons and weekends.