Key Personnel - Cyberlynx

Key Personnel

We have our key personnel team of inspiring experts that have dynamic skills and are dedicated to helping students achieve success at Cyberlynx International College (“College”). Our key personnel team has an historic commitment to success, diversity and real-world achievement at various different fields and industry.

Dr. Sivakumar Pertheban
Chief Executive

Dr. Sivakumar Pertheban obtained his Bachelor’s degree with honours in Information Technology in Multimedia Studies awarded by the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2001, Master’s degree in Information Technology awarded by University Malaya (UM) in 2009 and Doctor of Philosophy from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 2020. In his capacity as Chief Executive, he is responsible for college wide policies and strategies relating to academic and operational matters and drives the academic strategy and overall academic performance of the College. Dr. Sivakumar Pertheban has 20 years of experience as a tertiary educator and is well versed with education institution and student requirements. He is also an experienced lecturer in computing and information technology for all foundation, certificate, diploma, degree and master programmes who uses appropriate learning, teaching, support and assessment methods. His research interests include information quality, information accuracy, quality management and IR 4.0 which led to publications in referred journals. He is also appointed as the member of Industry Expert Committee (IEC), Quality under Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB).

Maryati Marsam

Ms. Maryati Marsam graduated with BA Mathematics from California State University and Master of BusinessAdministration from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak. Ms. Maryati has more than 20 years of experience in private higher education primarily in regulatory and compliance management, quality assurance, student administration, student affairs, programme development and curriculum review. Ms Maryati is certified as Lead Assessor of ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and a qualified Safety and Health Officer.

Vice President, Academic

Mr. Gehjanthiran holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Lincolshire and Humberside (UK) and Master of Science in Industrial Electronic Engineering from The Nottingham Trent University (UK). Mr Gehjanthiran has more than 3 years of experience in Mechanical and Electrical industry and 15 years of experience in the education industry. He is an experienced lecturer in Electrical/Electronics/ Project Management/ Computing/ Information Technology and Manufacturing System Design modules for certificate, diploma and degree programmes who uses appropriate learning, teaching, support and assessment methods. He is also a Certified PPD, Certified VTO and a Certified HRDF Trainer (TTT) for Web Development, DKM level 4. He is an active member and volunteer of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - USA, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) - United Kingdom.

Mohd Hanif Naim Bin Mohd Danny
Head of Fashion School

Mr Hanif Naim graduated in Fashion Design from SML Fashion Academy. Mr Hanif has more than ten years of experience in the fashion design industry. He has remarkable achievement such as the Emerging Designer of the Stylo Mercedes Benz where he showcased and expanded in some of the most prominent cities of Fashion such as London, Los Angeles, Mexico, India, Singapore where he made his First Debut of his prêt-à-porter collection at the Mexico Fashion Week. Hanif was the first and only student from Malaysia who showcased on an official fashion week internationally. Mr Hanif's artwork presented by the celebrities and top models such as Atikah Karim(Mercedes Benz New York Model), Shikin Gomez(winner Of Asia Next top Model, Olle (First Runner -up Malaysia Ms World), Aina Abdul (Malaysian Singer) and many more during his debut. He had recognised way ahead of his peers even before he Graduated his final year.

In a recent event HN was featured in a TV reality show Gen -F where he competed with among the best hand-picked designers in Malaysia and made his way through till the Final. His ever-growing love for sophisticated aesthetics in design will always prevail in his collection and adorned by the young cultivated culture he had built upon himself and unto his followers.

In his capacity as the Head of Fashion School, his primary duty is to ensure the aspiring future designers to be well-groomed and educated to have the fundamental skills and techniques to ensure the growth of a fashion graduate and a successful heir of the fashion industry. His vision is to see them penetrate the market with such distinct signatures that they stand out among the others. He has always envisioned his future Designers to go beyond mediocrity and to strive for the unlimited. He believes that everyone stands a chance to be great as long as they are guided and polished in the utmost standard and education.

"Fashion had always been the game of the rich " as many had believed. On the contrary, HN believed creativity comes when one is at its impoverished state because that is where he turned on his survival instinct, and one will do anything to grow for the better. Just like how he has proved in his work throughout his career.

"If you have a dream, do not just stop at dreaming, work for it till you make it! be resourceful, because that is pure creativity."

Lovleen Kaur
Digital Technology Office, Director

Ms. Lovleen graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from Charles Sturt University, Australia. In her capacity as the Director of the Digital Technology Office, she is responsible for the Digitization and Digitalization of Cyberlynx resources. She believes that the integration of information technology into education will continue to speed up, and that online education will eventually become a necessary component of all educational sectors.

Ms. Lovleen has more than 17 years of experience in the Malaysian academic sector, educating users on e-learning platforms such as Moodle, Blackboard, and Open Learning. She also has vast involvement with student management, programme coordination, marketing support and instructional designing.

Mohamad Hisyam Izzuddin Bin Mohamed Ishak
Deputy Head, School of Sports and Management

I’m awarded a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Sports Science by the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in 2014, Master’s degree in Sports Science awarded by also Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in 2017. I have 5 years of experience as a tertiary educator and is well versed with education institution and program curriculum. I am also an experienced lecturer in Sports Science field which specialise in exercise and training. Also, a member of Malaysian Exercise and Sports Science Association (MESSA).

In my current designation, my responsibility is to ensure the aspiring future graduates to be well-trained and educated to have equipped the fundamental skills and techniques to ensure the growth of sports and representative to our industry. My vision is bestowing them the necessary skill and knowledge to help build our sport industry to global market. In doing so making sure that the future of Malaysian sport industry and education is well-balanced and successfull.

Ts.Manimegalai Rajenderan
Head of School of Internet, Business & Technology

Manimegalai Rajenderan who is an experienced Cybersecurity Analyst, Engineer, Consultant, and Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the various Telecommunications industry, highly skilled in Cybersecurity and ISO 27001 domain. She is also one of the award winner of “Top 10 Women in Security in Malaysia” organized by Women in Security & Resilience Alliance (WISECRA), Malaysian Women in Security (MYWIS), ISACA Malaysia Chapter, ASIS International (Malaysia) and MYSECURITY Media in year 2020. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Network Computing from Sunway College (Napier University, Edinburg) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Federation University of Australia, hence a graduating Phd candidate from Putra Business School, (UPM) in Management studies.

She has earned an excellent reputation for her work in a variety of endeavours related to Cybersecurity and ISO 27001 domains in the last twelve years. Along with that, she is also a qualified HRDF trainer who has completed EC-Council Certified Security Specialist E|CSS, Certified Network Defender C|ND, and Certified Ethical Hacking C|EH from EC-Council. Her mission is to inspire, influence, empower and advocate female talent’s entry and sustainability in the tech industry through various training and coaching programs.