Your Road to Success

The Course

The course is made up of comprehensive modules which include subjects that provide a solid understanding of the complexities and fundamentals of football management. Students are exposed to a multidisciplinary program involving the study of football science, management and social studies. Areas of study include sport development, applied anatomy and physiology, sport and event management, development of football coaching skills, the football business, facilities management, fund raising and sponsorship and various business management skills.

It is a very comprehensive program that ensures all round competencies as well as specialized skills in football management to prepare the student for the challenging career in footbal management.

Unique Offering at Cyberlynx

A special and unique feature available at Cyberlynx, is that students would also be taught entrepreneurial skills which are essential for the establishment of their own business.

They would be guided on financial, managerial as well as new innovative and technological competencies which are essential for the success of a new business venture.

Career Opportunites

Our graduates have numerous career opportunities which would include entry level and mid-management positions in amatuer and professional football organizations. Career opportunities also exist in the football business as well as football/sports equipment industry which is growing immensely worldwide. Sports entrepreneurs in various sports related business have become increasingly lucrative.

  • Football Management
  • Football Club and League Management
  • Sports Facility Development
  • Sports Journalism or Broadcasting
  • Sports and Fitness Consulting
  • Sports Counselling
  • Sports Entrepreneur
  • Sports Agent