Certificate in Accounting - Cyberlynx

About this course

This certificate course is a one and half year course. Students will be taught the basic concepts in Accounting together with relevant practices, methodologies and theories. They will be exposed to key accounting principles and will acquire transferable, evaluative and analytical skills.
Introductory level classes in areas such as financial accounting, management accounting, accounting computer applications and taxation is integrated into the curriculum Students upon completion of the certificate course can progress to the Diploma in Accounting



A special feature at Cyberlynx is that students will also be taught entrepreneurial skills essential for setting up their own business. They will be guided on financial, managerial, for the success of new business ventures. As such students will be encouraged to undertake an entrepreneurial project of their own with the lecturers’ professional supervision.

Career opportunities

There are growing opportunities for students pursuing the course in business administration and management. There is a huge demand for skilled business professionals. Some of the career opportunities available to business graduates include:

Accounts Executive/Manager
Auditing Executive/Manager
Accounts Receivable/Payable Executive/Manager
Finance Executive/Manager

Business Analyst
Business Executive

Entry Requirements

  • Pass SPM or equivalent with 1 credit in Mathematics and Pass English
  • Pass in SKM level 2 and pass in SPM with 1 credit in Mathematics

Fees & Bursaries

  • Student registration/Application fees are non-refundable
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