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What Makes Someone A Leader Part 1

We as individuals have been exposed to leaders for time immemorial. Some have been outright terrible whilst others have been immortalized as being role models for generations to come. In this series we will be delving into the defining traits of a great leader and what sets them apart from their peers.

Leaders can often take on many forms both in our actual lives and even in fiction. When we picture a leader we usually have two images in our head. A person who leads by example or a person who leads by force it is important to note that your leadership style will determine in how you effectively run your organization or group etc.

One of the key traits that set Leaders apart from their peers is often their creativity when it comes to tackling problems. However, many leaders make one fatal flaw and that it that they restrict creativity when it comes to managing their team. This can be seen as rather narrow minded and shallow as by restricting your employees a leader will essentially limit their potential or chase them away outright.

A leader must be wise to leverage enough freedom for employees to be as creative as they are and rather than shoot down or ignore ideas explain to them why their approaches may not be the approach that they need right away or if the approach does bear merit go ahead with it and give the appropriate credit to the employee who tabled the suggestion.

When a person accepts the mantle of a leader they are representing those under them, and this is no small feat. Employees may not be so willing to follow a leader who is not ready to do exactly what they are doing. Being a leader is not merely about authority it is also about creating an impression on others. A leader who is unwilling to go hand in hand to struggle with their employees will find it very difficult to lead.

Passion is another key aspect that a good leader needs to possess as if a leader truly wishes to inspire their team they themselves must believe in and display passion for the work they put in. Leaders take moments away from talking about deadlines and duties and have heart to heart talks on what this project means to them and the team as a whole. A leader who aligns his interests with that of their team will bring about the best results.

These are the first few tips that a leader needs to take to heart if they wish to get not only their desired results but in equality earn the respect of their peers. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this Topic.


Written by Nishant Thomas Philip