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Does More Sweat Mean A Better Workout?

Athleticism is by and large a feat worthy of praise, those who achieve these feats are invigorated with a sense of self achievement and pride. A common myth one might find in the feats is that it is merely one of physical training and pushing yourself to the limit.

Athleticism may have grounded roots in physical training, but a huge part of what makes this physical training successful is the incorporation of mental fortitude that goes along with it. Today we are going to be exploring a few habits that you can incorporate if you are an athlete or just in general.

Workouts now there is a word that makes most people moan in anguish, but what if I were to tell you that it may be anguishing because you haven’t been going about it the right way. A common problem that athletes face is their ignorance of warming up before you get down to burning those calories. Several well recommended warms ups include the likes of sit up’s, pushups, jumping jacks, lunges, and squats. Be sure to tackle these at your own pace and stamina as if your misplaced heroic bravado may just land you in the hospital.

Rest is the dark horse of our tips today as it is one that doesn’t place an emphasis on exercise at all its quite the opposite. Athletes do endure hours upon hours of vigorous training but there is always a break in between the sessions, this is done to ensure that athletes have some breathing room. This is also a crucial period for you to get hydrated and get a healthy blend of food.

Workouts are not generic as mentioned before, Athletes tailor their sessions in line with their coordination as well as the needs of their bodies. Every sport requires that an athlete prioritize certain attributes over others such as basketball valuing dexterity whilst squash focuses more on eye coordination. It is important for athletes to identify these markers before engaging in any sports.

Athletes do cast an illusion as to the circumstances of how they do devote hours to their craft and while this is indeed true there is a common maxim that many of them do not cast into the public eye and that being quality over quantity, and this cannot be further from the truth. A good workout does not revolve around length it revolves around quality, this is done to ensue you get the best workout and prevent any unnecessary injuries.

Athletes tend to push their bodies to the limit, this drive whilst a good thing in maintaining a healthy level of stamina it does cause fatigue and dehydration. Dehydration is the bane of many athletes and can be fatal if ignored. Athletes are encouraged to stay hydrated to avoid long term medical issues specifically those tied to your heart and kidneys.

Remember when I mentioned that there was a dark horse contender for being an athlete, well there may be a second one that could be a close contender for the top spot in this writer’s opinion and that is sleep. There is truly a sense of irony, that one of the major contributors to a good athlete’s performance is something that a majority are accused of doing too much off. Sufficient sleep will allow an athlete to wind down the progress of the day and recuperate their energies to tackle a new day.

I summit that these tips will be the deciding factor in what turns an average joe or an average athlete into a great athlete. There is much more behind the scenes than merely training and by getting this glimpse behind the curtain you have taken your first step towards athleticism in the right manner.


Written by Nishant Thomas Philip