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Introductory Tips for Internships Part 2

Previously in Part 1 of this series we explored a number of tips, that you as an intern could adopt in order to stand out at your company. Today we will be picking up from where we left off and going through a few more tips that you could adopt as an intern.

Professionalism is the backbone of every company, as an intern this may not come up high on your list at first but make no mistake this is your ticket to recognition. Ensure that you check all your assignments and emails thoroughly, before you send them out to your boss as mistakes tend to send off a bad vibe so try to be as conscientious as possible or consult your boss prior to sending your assignment to get some honest feedback.

As an intern you may not be assigned a great many tasks, but this does not give you any excuse to rest on your laurels. As the saying goes an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, be sure to keep your supervisor informed if you feel that you are running on fumes and need more assignments. If there are no tasks available at the time try asking your boss to suggest to you a number of books or articles you can read to increase your knowledge even further.

Another avenue you could take is to plan and initiate a presentation, based on a topic that ties back to your department. This will be a good indicator to your boss that you are not just a drone, and that you are learning and providing insight into how you can help the company. Whilst you may be engaging in these activities do not forget to always manage your time wisely between your own project and the assignments you are handed by your supervisor.

Organization is an aspect that will go hand in hand, with your time management as it is only when both of them go hand in hand will you be able to manage and keep to your deadlines. Be sure to have all your assignments arranged and accounted for, by the end of your internship so as to not be caught off guard when you are asked to describe or present a specific assignment.

In part 1 of this series, we discussed about building connections during your internships and there is no better time for this than during your lunch break. Heading out with your workmates for lunch is always a good idea. Try your best to be the initiator during these conversations and get to know people and don’t feel down if you don’t get a reply at first as people will often take time to warm up to anyone.

By the end of your internship there will be a review process by your supervisor(s) with regards to the progress you have made during your internship. This could also be one of the presentations that you could work on during your spare time at the company and you can unleash your inner creativity to the extent that you want to show them just how much you have grown during your stint at the company.

I do hope this has been a great guide to how you could make your internship experience a lot more meaningful and manageable.


Written by Nishant Thomas Philip