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Introductory Tips for Internships Part 1

We all have to start somewhere regardless of where we are in life now there was a time when we were just learning the ropes of our various professions. Internships are a common place for new employees to find their footing.

Internships are an area that generate experience and connections that will serve you well in the long run whether you choose to join the company you intern at or not. The process in itself can be very intimidating for a school leaver or a fresh grad as you will be put to the test under a variety of conditions that will test your knowledge from varying degrees.

As I previously mentioned an internship is a perfect time to build connections. One of the first main priorities of any new intern is to go out and introduce yourself to the entire company if you are not taken on a tour by another staff member then you can take the first step of introductions by yourself. A personal approach goes a long way in building good relations.

It is key to note that an internship will be conducted under working conditions, and it is wise that you set your goals and adhere to them. Interns will normally be placed under the supervision of a department head. Supervisors are not always monsters and while there are bound to be disagreements and differing opinions at the end of the day you are both working towards a common goal experience and growth.

Discussing your goals with your supervisor right of the batt is a good way for both of you to avoid conflicts further down the line. Your supervisor will tie your assignments according to your strengths but may also hand you new assignments that are from a field that is completely unrelated in order to net you some additional experience. Do not think that your supervisor is going out of their way to make your life a nightmare everything is a learning curve to gauge just how far you can go

Observation is a vital skill that all interns will have to master during the course of their internship and beyond. Familiarize yourself with your organization’s goals and vision so as to showcase your commitment. If it is appropriate do try and request your supervisor to allow you to sit in on meetings and learn the ropes directly.

This concludes the first half of our Introductory tips for interns. Do stay tuned for part 2 where we tackle a few other key takeaways that you could apply during an internship.


Written by Nishant Thomas Philip