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Importance of OSHA at work

Have you ever heard of the phrase “danger lurks around every corner”? At face value this may be nothing more than a passing remark targeting at maintaining your safety but make no mistake there is much hidden depth behind it. In today’s article we will be delving into the integral role OSHA plays at work.

Work is a central part of our lives and the inevitable pathway we all take, despite the differences between the industries of choice there is one recurring element that unites them all and that is the need for safety. The implementation and rulings in question may indeed vary based on the industry in question for instance the rules implemented in the construction industry will vastly differ from that of the legal industry.

In recent years a vast majority of companies have begun to implement Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) policies in a bid to protect their employees and safeguard their reputations. This couldn’t have come at a better time as with the arrival of Covid-19 companies are scrambling to reduce the risk of infectivity in offices. OSHA has now become somewhat of an invigilator to reduce the risk of infectivity. Offices in this regard are a hot bed of infectivity due to the large clusters of people that walk through its doors every day.

Safety may indeed be the responsibility of all the parties concerned but employers tend to bear the lion’s share of responsibility. It has in recent years become a mandatory requirement for employers to not only educate their staff but conduct a series of training sessions that emulate the real-life emergencies one may face these include the likes of First Aid Training sessions and Fire Drills.

OSHA plays two roles it can safeguard the employees of a company and its profits as more often than not a company will lose a portion of its money to addressing the various industrial accidents that may result. With OSHA regulations a company can rest slightly easier knowing that they are in good hands and are being monitored.

OSHA has a major impact on the mental wellbeing of an employee as employees will display significant reluctance to be associated with or work with an employer who disregards their health. Depression and anxiety are a common place at an office where an employee’s safety is not taken seriously. A common measure that is used to tackle this matter is for employers to have safety inspections conducted and site visits made to ensure that there is sufficient.

Bearing these in mind it can be ascertained that the need for OSHA is more than just a blotch of ink on a memo it is the difference between life and death for an employee.


Written by Nishant Thomas Philip