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Careers in Fashion

Fashion designers are choosing fabric and color for their new collection.

Careers in Fashion Article

Fashion is by far the most physical form of marketing a person could undertake. We represent our brand choices every time we step out of our homes. With its dynamic nature there are no shortage of fashion enthusiasts but some wish to turn this passion into a career.

When you think of the word fashion your first thoughts would normally turn to a person parading on a catwalk sporting the most recent clothing that a company has released. While this may be possible it is not always the case.

Sales associates are usually the starting point for any fashionista as you will be given hands on experience into how a product line works and advertise them to customers. Sales associates are also tied with advertising various brands. If a sales associate wishes to go the extra mile, then they could conduct a market survey on the brands the stores are stocking up on to see which ones are performing better than others.

A merchandiser is an individual who takes a particular interest in where particular products are being sold. This can go well beyond clothes and can also include accessories. Merchandisers also act in an advisory role with designers as they use their firsthand knowledge to inform and coordinate with designers on products that are generating high volumes in sales.

Stylists are the minds behind the scenes, their responsibility lies in the creation of the fantastic outfits that will hit the catwalks or stores. These hidden gems are responsible for tailoring specific designs to various audiences and can equally also be contracted for personal fittings. Graphic designers are equally important especially in this digital age and the emergence of e-marketing.

No industry without a marketing expert at the helm and fashion is no different. Public relation specialists are the bridge between the public and the company they are essentially the spokespersons who will initiate, clarify, and rectify any of the statements that a company makes related to public affairs.

Fashion is more than just the delivery it is equally intrinsic to maintain product quality. Quality Assurance Managers excel in this field as they not only conduct “audits” for the lack of a better word on clothing lines to ensure the products that are put on shelves are adhering to the various product standards.

Fashion is more than just expression it is a showrunner of dedication to a craft. You will enjoy the very best of creativity and recognition in a dynamic palette. Weave the tapestry of your future in fashion today.


Written by Nishant Thomas Philip