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Careers in Computer Science

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Computers may have indeed become the mainstay in our daily lives over the last few years but that does not mean that all of us really understand the inner workings of a computer. Computing as a career has garnered a significant following as the digital revolution has spearheaded the need for computer-based knowledge. Computer Enthusiasts who love understanding the inner workings of a computer will find themselves enjoying the following career options.

Software developers are the innovative minds behind some of the most amazing features that we use on our computers amongst which Java and Microsoft Office stand out as significant examples but there is no shortage of accomplishments. Software developers are constantly creating, replacing, and amending software’s that perform various tasks. One of the key requirements for this area would be the need to understand the various programming languages that are used to give the software its functionality.

Database administrators operate as wardens of a company’s data, and they ensure that the transition of information that is passed from employees in the company to the respective database is done so in a concise manner. The information that enters a company’s data base will also be regulated, to ensure that malware and trojan do not infect the company’s data. Databases are not permanent and like most other systems will have to be amended from time and time.

Computer Hardware Engineers are the pioneers of the various mechanisms that computers are made up of such as switchboards and routers to name a few. With the introduction of smart technology in recent years Computers have had this technology infused with their functions. This job requires a combination of both the technical expertise and creativity.

Computer Systems Analysts are the antibodies of the computer industry. Enthusiasts in this area will need to have a knack to observe trends as well as be the officiators of change in any setting. The changes in question, could be brought about for several reasons ranging from efficiency to security. To compliment these analytical skills enthusiasts must have understand the workings of the business they are catered to provide them with the best software.

Web developers are responsible for the creation of the technical structure of websites and ensure that the websites, are accessible and at the same time have an air of simplicity in terms of their jargon and uses. Web developers will also be called upon, to assist with companies’ website traffic. The traffic in question comes in many forms such as page likes and visitors viewing the website.

With the digital revolution in progress computers are the hidden gem that you can tap into. Engage, innovate, and bolster your career with Computer Science.


Written by Nishant Thomas Philip