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Middlesex-Diploma in Football Studies: Creating Millennial Dreams Today

University of Middlesex

Football enthusiasts can rejoice, for we here at Cyberlynx are proud to announce our collaboration with the University of Middlesex.

Cyberlynx has been the pioneer, of every Malaysian Football enthusiast’s dream and now we are taking that dream and putting it on the world stage.

Middlesex is no stranger to the university scene, having has its roots entrenched since 1893.

With such prestige under its belt, coupled with its rich history and curriculum there is little doubt that this institution, will be the one that will give you get the insight and exposure to tackle the challenges of today.

This new collaboration will prove to be the stepping stone for the next generation of footballers.

Middlesex boasts connectivity to London unlike no other, with strategic bus and train routes that will see students, visiting the iconic city for all their leisure and conveniences.

Treat yourself by immersing in the atmosphere and breathtaking sites of London such as the Tate Modern, London Eye, and Big Ben.

Helmed by an amazing faculty and immaculate facilities such as the Quad Building, Fitness Pod and the Sheppard Library students will find that every day is a celebration, as they enjoy the best of both their curriculum as well as their student life.

There is a pristine work and study balance at Middlesex, where they wish for you to get the best educational experience at your pace and not at the expense of your social life.

With our students now standing on the international stage, they will be able to network on an international scale with a huge group of alumni. Middlesex is no wallflower it’s the heart of the party.

Cyberlynxers can be a part of this expanding culture and what’s more build bridges between multiple nationalities, as you are a part of this international masterpiece.

Middlesex has not forgotten the plight of students with financial difficulties and in the spirit of giving there are various scholarships of up to 50% up for grabs alongside other bursaries and deductions cementing its stand on getting a good education at a reasonable cost.

The BSc (Hons) in Football Science is the perfect blend of comprehension and application; This course provides work placement-based activities to ensure that students get training experience.

Assessments for this area are not exam-based quite the contrary they are dependent on the assignments and practical tests that students have to undergo.

Graduates of this program will have a great arsenal of career choices along with the lines of fitness training, fitness consultancy, and teaching and research-based roles in the industry amongst others.

Don’t wait for an opportunity to come knocking, take the bull by the horns and apply to Middlesex now!