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Cyberlynx is your Ticket to Defy Expectations and Study at University of Bedfordshire

University of Bedfordshire

Have you always pictured your university experience but never thought of where you wanted to go?

Cyberlynx is proud to say that we have the answer for you with our new collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire.

Be treated to career enhancing, practical courses that are affordable with safe, affordable ensuite on campus accommodation.

Expose yourself to a new environment, build bridges between nationalities, and most of all express and showcase your creativity on the world stage.

Bedfordshire has multiple campuses strategically nestled between various transport links namely Luton, Milton Keynes, and Bedford. Connectivity and Commuting have never been easier than here at Bedfordshire.

Additionally, two campuses in particular namely Luton and Bedford are conveniently close to London via transport links with Luton being a short 22 minute journey and Bedford being a 40 minute journey.

Student Safety is taken extremely seriously with us here at Bedfordshire where you can rest assured students will be able to live, study and grow in safety. Be within a walking distance of your accommodations and facilities.

Bedfordshire walks the talk in lieu of its amazing courses and its immaculate curriculum in particular Business with its BSIS recognition as well as its Faculty of Creative Arts, Technology and Science (CATS).

These are situated at our all new and fantastic STEM building a marvel of construction costing £40 million and sporting the latest facilities and state of the art laboratories guaranteed to give our STEM students the best experience.

These may be their poster courses but don’t put all your eggs into one basket just yet, Bedfordshire sports a number of other courses in the areas of Human Resources and Accounting amongst others.

Business enthusiasts rejoice as we have a little something for everyone whether you are an undergrad or a postgrad student. Undergraduates will be a part of our business pod where your introduction to the world of business could be more hands on.

Postgraduates will enjoy their education experience at the unique postgraduate centre where they will gain access to the resources and experts they need to complete their assignments.

Bedfordshire sets itself apart from its counterparts not only in terms of its connectivity but also in no small part of its curriculum.

Students will gain the education they need to tackle the challenges of today but equally have a stable work and study balance coupled with a very active student life.

Students will gain the education they need to tackle the challenges of today but equally have a stable work and study balance coupled with very active student life.

Students can tap into their inner potential by engaging in a variety of lectures and seminars that will give them a broader perspective of the world and industry.

Students won’t be left nailed down to a desk and tuning to lectures all day at Bedfordshire.

Education is interaction they say, and Bedfordshire is no wallflower with its research-themed assignments and teaching strategies no student will be left longing for answers quite the contrary they will take the helm of finding their own.

Bedfordshire places its student as their top priority and no matter what walk of life you come from education is your ace.

In this light, Bedfordshire happily boasts a number of scholarships to help with any financial setback students might be facing.

Bedfordshire has a dedicated faculty who are ready to address any queries students may have and this coupled with their state of the art facilities students will never fall behind.

In conclusion, you will see all your dreams fulfilled here in Bedfordshire. Get your education off the ground and into the driver’s seat of adapting to the new tomorrow.