Cyberlynx International College (“CIC”) has over the years become a symbol of the pursuit of educational excellence. CIC’s constant effort in creating new and unique educational experience is what sets it apart from the crowd of other higher education providers in Malaysia. Our courses span the areas of sports, art, technology and commerce and include the diplomas in football studies, fashion, business administration , accounting and soon to be launched, veterinary technology.

CIC is proud to announce its academic partnership with South Metroplitan TAFE (SM TAFE) of Western Australia , the largest technical and further education providers in Australia that is fully Australian government owned, backed and guaranteed. This partnership provides the gateway for CIC to tap into SM TAFE’s wealth of resources that offers more than 135 high-quality nationally recognised courses for the benefit of international students, and is the foundation of our unique one-of-a-kind Double-Diploma Award that will be offered exclusive by CIC in Malaysia.

Arrangements are being made for Students who apply for a diploma course either in Fashion, Accounting or Business Administration at CIC, to now receive not one, but two diplomas concurrently (one awarded by CIC and the other by TAFE WA) upon the successful completion of their studies. It goes without saying that by getting two diplomas in one go, not only will it save you invaluable time by opening the door to a speedier pathway to an international degree either in U.K. and to the 41 universities in Australia, the double diplomas will also double your qualification, thereby doubling your chance to land that dream job of your choice should you decide to jump straight into employment upon graduation. An international qualification in the right academic areas can also mean you can access the job markets internationally.

Our partner universities in Australia include (but are not limited to) Curtin, Deakin and Griffith Universities. These universities have an established track record of academic excellence and on top of that, you can also choose from a choice of all the other thirty over higher education providers in Australia so you are essentially spoilt for choice.

In light of the challenging times currently experienced by all, it is also quite natural for families to avoid travelling, especially to overseas countries. Therefore, by bringing one of the leading education brands from Australia to Malaysia and offering quality education within the security and safety of familiar surroundings, we are providing an excellent platform for many families and students to explore and experience the opportunity of getting the best out of a foreign education done locally at an affordable price, instead of incurring the risk of going abroad to study .

For further information on courses, intakes and our Double-Diploma, please call or WhatsApp 016-2435580.